Trying to use my bluetooth buds for World of Tanks ... but TS overrides all game sound

I’m trying to use my skullcandy bluetooth ear buds for gaming. I play 2 online games World of Tanks and World of Warships … and while playing either game we use a program called TeamSpeak to communicate within our clan regardless of whether we’re all in battle or even on the same team.

I have the buds ‘paired’ to work on this computer and it works fine with World of Tanks and World of Warships … and it works fine with TeamSpeak … BUT if have either game running and then ‘boot’ TeamSpeak … TeamSpeak overrides either game and I then get no game sounds … just the ability to chat …


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I have the same problem with my BOSE earbuds. They were working.
When I start TS3 WOT sounds stop, when I close TS3 the sound returns.


the fix is in windows sound settings.
Go advanced and then put youtube on in the background whilst TS3 is running (cutting out sound).
You are then able to change the windows settings until you can hear TS3 and sound.
Mine was to choose the BOSE buds.