TS-3 Bot

Hi, so I’m creating a TeamSpeak bot for a server that I am a member of using TS3-NodeJS-Library using that JavaScript package. I was wondering, if anyone has experience using it, and would be able to tell me how to do the following;

We need something that when someone joins a channel, if it is a waiting room that it would poke the channel admins and make them aware that someone has joined there waiting room.



Thanks appreciate it, still having some troubles not sure why but slowly trying to work them out.

Thats a screen shot of what i got out of your examples https://i.imgur.com/C4G3e2n.png

Another update: so i got it to work, however it pokes everyone with the channel admin tag, how would i make it so it only pokes people that have channel admin in that said channel?

with this code: https://i.imgur.com/H9g5gp6.png

Another issue, it pokes you in any channel you have channel admin in. For instance if you have channel admin in the afk channel, and someone joins it will poke you.

If anyones got a fix to this?

I would recommend you use a separate “support notify” group, this is how I do it in my support system, it is easier to go through your direct group of users and nudge the appropriate user, if you need help with the code feel free to write me.