TS 5 client closed-beta to open-beta


I am looking for any updates/news on when you are going to release TS5 open-beta client. I think its been far too long for the people to get their hands on something. Normal players don’t even care about the server functions and features updates so you can just postpone it to some point in the future and release the open beta maybe?

I am pretty sure the visual improvements will be pleasing although the features are massively lacking in the application right now.


Think about it… check the roadmap.
Quite a few things have not been implemented yet, it is not in anyone’s interest to release semi-finished / unstable software.
Closed beta is good for testing new things and and if all works well then ready for open beta.
In open beta they are still refining what they need and if it works smoothly it will be ready.
When developing a software, it is irrelevant how much everyone wants to use it, it will be released when its done.
And I think that’s good, of course, only if quality is kept in mind :smiley:


Well I don’t think so that it’s time for an open beta. The closed beta is here since months (…now after a pretty long time no update) and I honestly have to say that the development of the product didn’t go that far. Many features are still missing and the last update is also a pretty long time ago. :confused:

Guess the closed beta needs to stay like it is. To finally release it as a open beta product is right now too early.

…so it shouldn’t stay like 100% to this point, but the development needs urgently to be faster at the moment.


If it takes 2 years in closed beta then it won’t benefit the community either. They can wrap up the closed beta with some quick updates and move to open beta. The ppl with beta testing badge will continue to receive more updates and thats the only future I see for the community right now. 6 months of 2020 passed and I do not see anything happening sorry. Disappointed with the delay.

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What do you understand under “quick updates”?

did this ever existed?

Well first of all; as we’ve heard that, there’s a small development team at the moment behind TeamSpeak 5. There ahead… I just guess, that it will take his time which is in some ways also too long. It doesn’t really regard my expectations somehow but that’s maybe an internal thing.

There’s nothing to do with the delay. A great incident that can happen is, that the developers are “powered”-up somehow - or to speed it up.

At the moment: No.
Guess there’s more to wait.

No updates on TS3 (stable3.5.3) since quite months,
No updates on TS5 (beta25) since April,
and what’s happening to the TeamSpeak server?

No idea, we need to wait.

Pretty sure it hasn’t reached parity yet. Which in turn would be a minimum when releasing an open beta. At least imho. And have open beta at it when we’re talking about new unseen features.

Also a lot of things have slowed down over the last couple of months. And working from home sometimes just isn’t as efficient as some would think.

Is it because of COVID-19 somehow? I really think that this situation has already calmed down.
Wouldn’t really make sense to still stay at home, now it’s time to go back at the office I guess…

Sorry for the late reply, that was just my guess - but I don’t work for teamspeak. Also, lot’s of offices are still closed or at least not fully back to work. For a lot of people it’s not as easy as just going back to the office. Schools and daycares are still partially closed.

As said, not defending really, just my assumption. Maybe an actual employee can clear things up?

A company that literally develops a software which helps communicating in a work from home situation really shouldn’t have to use the ongoing pandemic as yet another excuse why their product didn’t see the light of day yet.

Out of all the companies out there, I expect TeamSpeak to be among the ones who are well prepared to have their employees work remotely.

TeamSpeak’s biggest problem in the last couple of years has been a clearly evident lack of internal organization.

Everbody seems to do “their thing”, but that “thing” they are doing is poorly coordinated with what the rest of the company is doing. Responsibilities are shifting around, priorities are changing and some things are not getting done at all anymore because someone decided that it’s not important at this point.

I uploaded a new version of my theme months ago to make use of the most recent TeamSpeak 3 client features but apparently nobody is available to approve it.

Why would you even release these new features when you already know that there is nobody around to actually approve the updated add-ons that follow?

This is just one example of many more where TeamSpeak simply does things without putting some thought into the consequences.

And if TeamSpeak 5’s development is anything similar, I’m absolutely not surprised that there is no open beta yet.


yeah lemme guess you actually worked here, didn’t you?
but it seems to be realistic… at least.

I wanted to see the open beta because I do not see an end to the closed beta.

To be honest closed beta class was meant to test your features and if needed, extremely stress your TS5 client and find glitches. You could have put up some notification menu kind of thing and requested all TS5 users to come up to some server if needed and many people would have obliged if you needed.

Instead they made a marketting stunt with it and failed to deliver for 6 months more. (8 months if u count it from Nov. approx release of TS5 beta).

You also provided sponsorship license and we as community leaders tried our best to add up more and more ppl to the community. But how is it possible to bring in new players or the players who already used discord until you release TS5.

Discord beta(released many years ago had nothing compared to its status right now.)

I kindly request you to bring on TS5 beta with some of the important updates ASAP. (You can take a month or two no problems but delay no further.)


It’s now okt. 23 and there is still no update on TS5 since this thread was opened early june. Whats happening?!

I’m a TS man to the heart. Love everything about it, was even paying for server for a good while even though discord had free servers and everyone left TS. I have also hosted servers from home.

I find it hard to even get people excited about TS5… Discord is just supperior, and they pump out updates like crazy compared to teamspeak.

How long is it untill expected release? Because with this rate Discord will fix their server problem way before TS5 launch and Teamspeak will never get any traction again at all…

Sad to see that they can ■■■■ it up this bad…

There was an update about the current development status Sep 20. Also the roadmap that Stefan92 posted gives you a good idea whats going on. You can check out the development status update here:

What do u mean with traction ? The reason why so many people use Discord is because its more and easy accessible for most casual users, has a lot of features especially for chat that TS3 is missing, u can even use and join discord servers in your webbrowser and you can create a free server very easy. The overall quality and especially the voice quality on Teamspeak is 1000x better than on Discord. I hate it. Thats the reason why all serious gamers and esports / pro gamers or from other serious businesses use teamspeak for their voice coms as far as i know. When the new teamspeak releases it will be much better option than Discord regarding every aspect not only voice quality.

After all, it was announced at the end of last year and later again at the beginning of this year.

Now it’s July, how does it look?


Can we expect the announcements to come into effect this year or only in the next few years?

wow mate, you opened up the oldest topic up here. I am glad someone is still looking for TS5, meanwhile I am content with ts3 for now.

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