TS 5 Client language


I wanted to ask if I can also set the language from the surface of the ts5 lienten to German?


not at the moment because the client is still work in progress and it makes not much sense to translate every week when a new update arrives :smiley:

But i guess it is possible to translate it by your own

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Ok Thx

Good afternoon. I would like to contribute to the development of tc5 and localize the client into Russian. tell me where you can start doing this, for example, in the git repository and so that it works already in the client itself? or make a temporary solution in the form of an installer as it was previously with ts3. and who can I contact on this issue?

Currently, there is no option to do that. The Client itself supports only the English version.
Maybe later there will be added more Languages and you can ask them to Translate the Client.

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You can add different languages, at the moment the biggest problem is that many are inconvenient to use the English language and because of this they do not like your program.

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There is little to no sense to add translations at this stage of development. Everything is changing so rapidly that it would simply be too much work.
In the future - my personal guess, in the open beta stage - translations will be available the same as they are in TS3.