TS Bug Report dynamic-banner

the dynamic banner only updates when I minimize the client and open it again. and even then not reliable

We have tested this with several clients, this error also seems to be present on TS3.

the “timer” in Teamspeak is set to 6 minutes …
our scipt creates a new picture every 5 minutes (random streamer from our team)

this is the link to the banner https://we-are-streamers.de/teamspeak/dynamic-banner/index.php

We can reproduce this with your banner but other banners we did test are fine.
so something is going on with yours.

Could you change and test following please:

  1. Your script seem to generate new names for the png file. Could you try to use the same filename all the time

  2. If 1. does not help try to link the image directly for the banner


Thank you very much for the help … I have now tried the following …

  1. The files are always named the same in the script.
  2. The png file is integrated directly
  3. In the script itself the cache control header stipulated that it should not cache

and various combinations of this

everything leads to the result that it is no longer updated at all