TS can not open microphone to even test it

Hello there! Guys, I have a problem with accessing microphone through team speak. I mean team speak has no access to microphone. When I try to test my mic it says ‘Error. Can not open recording device’ or comething like this. Even on the home page there is identification that there is pproblem with programm

can you please put the ts3 in english ? :slight_smile:

Can you see the device from the recording devices?
You can go there by right clicking the volume icon on windows

I have alreaady tried to change capture device and capture mode

well it’s hard to detect the problem like that,
what happen if you launch as admin ?

same problem. nothing changes. In other programs everything works well. Only TS having issues accessing mic

What is your OS ?

windows 10

yes, I see the device. I already check all possible issues related to windows system accsess

well when an app use your microphone, you can see an icon in the taskbar that indicating you if an app use it and how many apps are using it right ?

Bro, I’m telling you, I have problem only with this app. I use discord, steam, browser etc. And only TS act wrong

here is code of error but i don’t know what does it mean

nothing , just that the app can’t acces to the mic.


try to change the capture mode and manually select the microphone either i don’t know i’m not behind your screen ^^

ok, bro. Thank you