TS Chat crashes from time to time when opening

As the title says, my TS chat crashed yesterday many times when I opened the application. I have submitted a bug report via TestFlight and hope you can reproduce the bug.

I’m not an IOS expert, but let me know if you need more info.


We got other reports.

Which iOS and device is this happening on?
Can you please attach a log when it happens?


First the thread is closed or hidden and told that no support is given and suddenly it is opened again :melting_face:

But well, let’s take a look at the whole thing.

My key data:
- IOS Version: 16.4
- IPhone 13 Pro Max
- TS Chat Version: 0.1.2 (2)

Since I have not yet so much to do with IOS, I must first look where I find the whole thing. Under analysis data it is not to be found, unless TSChat is called differently there.

But I have reported a crash report (offered by TestFlight). If you write me a PM, I will send you the email with which the report was sent.

Thanks to my friend @Dunkelmann who helped me to find the logs.

It turns out that the logs are viewable via ITunes.

Simply connect the IPhone to a MacOS or Windows computer, authorize and mark the PC as secure on the IPhone.


Then select “TS Chat” under file sharing and the logs folder will be visible.

Select the Logs Dir…

At the very bottom you will find the button for saving / transferring.

I have described the whole thing as a guide in case other people also want to / should send logs. I hope that is ok, if not please short feedback, then I copy that out and put that in the TS chat room.

Unfortunately, my log was deleted or the time no longer exists, because I have changed my account several times and the last time I joined a homebase.

We got some crash reports and will check these tomorrow and hope to find something.

Ps you can open the Files app from iOS / TabletOS and find the TS chat logs in there.
In the past it was required to use iTunes.

[2023-03-16 12:51:56.453] [error] Failed to start: already running
[2023-03-16 12:51:57.770] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:51:57.770] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:51:57.770] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.025] [info] [tschat_client_lib_export_slim.go:144:TSChat_Initialize] TSChat initialized
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.408] [info] [client.go:84:create] Matrix client create: matrixHost=chat.teamspeak.com
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.786] [info] [client.go:132:create] Created store from save data, loaded transactionId=26
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.786] [info] [client.go:136:create] Init crypto storage
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.786] [info] [crypto_storage.go:189:Init] created new group session storage
[2023-03-16 12:52:19.786] [warning] [persistent_cache.go:409:GetKeyRequestData] get key request data: unexpected end of JSON input
[2023-03-16 12:52:20.041] [info] [client.go:1869:initialSync] Initial sync... nextBatch=m2261667~1.2261706~3.2261707_666916976_32919_1660538_1304724_1_10119378_15529659_0_5
[2023-03-16 12:52:21.580] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:52:21.580] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:52:21.580] [error] [process_room.go:318:processPresence] Last activity ago not found
[2023-03-16 12:52:21.580] [info] [client.go:1877:initialSync] Initial sync done
[2023-03-16 12:52:21.906] [info] [client.go:287:Connect] Connect done

I don’t know If this is the right timestamp but I reported it again via TestFlight, if you need more information you can look at it :nerd_face:

It seems that audio is the problem. There is no solution yet.

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