Ts chat mobile bug User signs on when he got a new message

Moin, I’ve encountered a bug, if you write something to a client and this is not connected via PC client, or is offline, but has a mobile app installed;

so this is displayed asap as “online”, if you send him a message

That’s not a bug.

The client should be online in presence system but timed out. He signs on after he got the notification or user opened his app till he times out again.

This is the real issue and we are aware of it.

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why should the client be online, after I have sent him a message, which he had not yet opened at the time?

the people i wrote to don’t have their app open or running in the background, so i find it strange that the client shows up directly as “online”.

This technically can’t be true.

If they do not have it running (Google Firebase has nothing to send a notification to) then their account would not even receive any message till PC or mobile client was started.

A presence is only set from a client that is running. Not from the server (i hope Matrix hasn’t changed any weird magic here…)

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My buddy (with a google pixel handy) had just assured me that he didn’t have the app open, so as far as I had written to him (was at the time, neither his mobile app, nor his Pc client online)

however, he was instant online when I wrote to him, I noticed this with all other contacts as well.

maybe it could have been this “background update magic”?

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t running. Apps also run in background.
Did you friend get a notification about your message? If yes, then the app was running on his device.

“Google Firebase notification” triggers the app. The app then sets the presence to online.

When your friend stops the app and waits a moment then he won’t get any notification and does not sign on.

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