TS keeps resetting my settings.db

Hi. I’ve never had this problem before and I also haven’t changed anything significant other than reinstalling Windows weeks before it occured first. Whenever I start the client it resets the settings.db file. I’ve noticed this because whenever I join on our server the contacts I added before the last restart are missing. It happens regardless of my myTeamspeak login status. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

The client will not reset the settings.db.

Reason why your content is not saved is that the file is broken or permissions to write into it are not given.


Thanks for the quick answer but it doesn’t help. I forgot to mention that I tried setting the file to read only which results in a warning message and I copied my old settings.db with all my contacts to the TS3Client folder. As soon as I launch TS the file gets modified and my contacts are gone.

Ok, I’ve got an update. When I add a contact the settings.db file reloads but it isn’t edited. The contact does not appear in the file. My whole AppData folder is read and write so that’s not the problem. After starting TS with admin rights my bookmarks where gone. New bookmarks are saved even after restarting TS but even after reinstalling contacts just keep getting resetted.