TS RPG Introduction

In the TeamSpeak RPG, you control the destiny of Lucas Marks, young Halfling rogue, mercenary, and partner in crime with Patricia Meadows, a 22-year old human adventuress. You are Lucas, and Patricia is your partner. The two of you have been together for three years, and you’ve seen the strangest corners of the world. Your unlikely association began in the city of Chamlek, when you tried to pick one another’s’ pockets in the streets … After some embarrassing laughter, the most important friendship of your life began. With each passing season, your friendship grows stronger, a relationship built on mutual admiration.

Our story finds you both in the great northern city-state of Hultog, in the midst of a cruel winter. You arrived just a week ago, seeking a new source of revenue (and shelter from a blizzard) here in the mighty river-city. Unfortunately, you’ve found only uncaring crowds, cold winds, and the tireless presence of the Merchant Oligarchy’s finest lawmen …

Until yesterday.

While perusing the dockside curiosity shops for foreign tidbits, you were ambushed. Five men, dressed in identical grey cloaks and wielding long knives, demanded money and jewelry. You were prepared to run for it, to lose them in the twisting alleyways …

But Patricia was in a testy mood. Her shortsword leaped from its scabbard like vengeful lightning, and two grey-cloaks were bleeding and screaming before the others could react. The grim melee
that followed was a good deal less clean, but no less decisive: two more grey-suits down (one by your blade, the other by Patricia’s), with the last one running for dear life.

You’re not sure if it’s safe to say that you love Patricia. You certainly do. You’re just not sure if it’s safe to say it.

You gathered their purses and vacated the alley, making a celebratory supper at the Cup and Talon (a small hostelry in the north canal district). When you examined your spoils, you were shocked to find a magical ring amid the coins – a simple band of brass, gleaming with purple radiance!

Clearly, the grey-suits had been very greedy to go for a second job in a single day, especially after such a rich haul, but their loss was your gain. With the coinage spent on your feast and a bed for the
night, and the ring tucked in the side-pocket of your shoe, you’ve settled into bed with Patricia for a well-deserved rest. After grumpily fighting over the covers, sleep finally comes, and the icy, riverscented air creeps in past the shutters.

As the adventure begins, it’s the following morning. When you are ready to play, begin here: https://community.teamspeak.com/t/ts-rpg-page-1

Good luck!

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