TS Server Admin Privilege Key

So, I downloaded my own server, well stupid me accidentally removed the Server Admin from myself, and now I am stuck with a Newbie role. i can not do anything, including getting a new Privilege Key (I can not use the one I was already given, as its been used). How can I fix this? I can not find any threads with simple instructions, as I am not very TS literate. Where are people inputting commands, etc.

Way 1: Generate a new key via ServerQuery with command privilegekeyadd
Way 2: Add yourself to the Server Admin group via ServerQuery with command servergroupaddclient

I can not even select the query to run the commands

With the First Start of your TeamSpeak 3 Server, you will get the privileged key and the Server Query Admin Data


yes, and I have that, but as i said I cant use that one because I have already used it once to get original serveradmin rights.

You must use the Admin Server Query Login and you can login into your Server and give yourself Server Admin back.

Try YatQa login with your Admin Server Query Data and there you go. :slight_smile:

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