TS Server Group/User Sorting in channels

Heyo, so I know how to use the sort id to sort groups on the server group list, but there seems to be a way to make users in a certain group appear above someone else when in the same channel, for example, I have a jr admin tag which has ID 27, but appear above users with Admin, which has id 26, we have tested this other way around with them having jr admin and me having admin and I still appear above them, before this wasn’t the case though, any clue to how we can fix this? I’d like to have certain ranks with different sort ID’s appear at the same height in channels

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Clients are sorted in that priority:

  1. The value of their talk power (value in permission i_client_talk_power)
  2. Has the is talker status
  3. The Alphabet

The ID or Sort order of groups does not matter.


So I am a server admin on a group i am part of and been learning team speak little by little. We have a few tags including military tag (Arma 3 Star-sim) and one issue i have is if someone has the staff sergeant tag someone with a recruit tag ends up above them and i am not sure how to fix that as well as name… depending on their nickname it also puts someone of low ranks above a high rank… is there a way to properly fix that?

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The clients are arranged in the server tree firstly by talkpower and secondly by alphabet.

You can use the : i_client_talk_power; to sort people by S/C groups or by identity.
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Hello. Please I have a question I am trying to figure out how to make ranks in order but like in channel

so in a channel, you can see Owner then manager then admin etc not in the server groups tab but in a channel I want to see the names / ranks in order here is an example

Do you mean how to Create a Channel Group?

Channel Group Tab -> Right-click and create a Group

You can manually set the sort order of clients/groups.
Take a look at the linked thread above.

Simply adjust the talk power for the groups.
(higher power = on top)

no like, i want the helper in this screen shot to be above me https://gyazo.com/d2fbcac4f2de8c03c179760c22ccbf5a

Well then adjust the talk power of the group of your client.
Take a look on what I mentioned above.

Increase the i_client_talk_power of the group [Helper] to be higher than [Senior Moderator].

For example:

i_client_talk_power  50     // [Helper]
i_client_talk_power  40     // [Senior Moderator]
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