TS server randomly kicks all connected users

Hi everyone,
I have the problem with my fresh ts3 server that the server randomly kicks every connected user.
The users are able to connect immediatly after the kick again - the automatic reconnect doesn’t work.
The server log reports “…dropping client XX because of ping timeout 19 0 0” for every user the server kicked in that moment. No other problems are reported.

The server was first hosted at a windows server VM. Now the server is hosted on a linux VM. The server is up to date and all recommended ports incoming and outgoing are allowed.

Any ideas how to fix this? This problem is really annoying.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

This issue is possibly caused by your server…
Try to check the server connection/bandwidth/traffic or contact your server provider.

Hi Rikku,

I am the host of the server. The server is running on my NAS.
The server has no problem connecting to the internet (I have monitored that) and the bandwith is 250/50. That should be enough.
Am I wrong?

Kind regards

It’s a network issue and can be a server or client side thing.

Do you have tipps how to troubleshoot that “network issue” the best way?
Are there any further logs from the teamspeak server I can take a look on?

It looks like this:


Can share your Server log? Maybe i found something that could be trigger this issue

I have attached both logs.
I removed the key from the second log.
Everything else is included.

Any findings at your side regarding the logs?

Sorry for the late replay.
I do not see anything wrong in your logs.

Maybe a weak (D)DoS attack or something else, a big inbound/ingoing of packets or something else in this area.

I can’t help you because I have no more suggestions, something in the network must cause the users to get random disconnects.

Maybe a other Forum Member can help you out here. :slight_smile: