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Hi, so I am running TS Client 3.5.2 (QT version: 5.12.3) and I had a PC issue that I needed to Re-format my HDD. I reinstalled TS (had an issue logging into my TS account) and after I successfully logged in, I went to set it up. I’m not sure what sync’s when it’s enabled, as My Bookmarks and Identities sync. How do I get my Themes and settings to sync as well? I had to go through and find the Theme that I was using (Dark Theme). I did happen to find a new one on here, that is pretty good. So going forward, how to I save this Theme, Icon and Sound Pack to MY TS Sync?

So, 4 Questions here:

  1. How do I get my Themes and settings to sync as well?
  2. How to I save this Theme, Icon and Sound Pack to MY TS Sync?
  3. Is there a way to see, what is in My TS Account sync folder on this website?
  4. Should I be backing up my TS Folder from My Pc as well?


1 and 2.


Make sure in the settings -> myteamspeak you logged in and sync is checked and automatic is selected


you can see the sync is ok or nit in the setting and the right buttom of ts


not necessary unless you want to be sure but the sync is working well for me

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Well, regarding first two questions, I don’t think that Themes, Icons, SoundPacks, etc. sync up. The best thing would be to backup them just for the sake of it. When I had to format one of my computers back in a day, I had to download every Plugin and SoundPack once again.

Don’t know if it changed in last 2(?), 3(?) years, but then it was like this.

To summarize, back up everything you think might be useful.

Thank you!

Thanks! I figured it would be part of the sync. I’ll know for next time…

Im also having some issues with syncing, its all setup with bookmarks, ID and settings/hotkeys, but nothing syncs, i try to re-login , everything is gone, i set it all up again, have the sync set to auto, i enable the bookmarks in the sync tab, along with the identity, nothing syncs so i cant access it all on my other devices.

Sync will only happen, when

  • encryption on your account is fine (read your client log for related errors or warnings)
  • Item is in sync and not in local area (counts for bookmarks, identities & hotkeys dialog
  • … sync is enabled and you are logged in