TS3 3.5.2 on Win 10 randomly crashes

I am investigating this for one of my players. I have a TS server on which we were playing RPG game. 4 users were working fine, but one of players disconnects every few minutes.

His client was freezing after random amount of time. He has to kill it with task manager and reconnect. I asked for the logs and this message was interesting:

2020-04-04 16:20:07.472625|ERROR |Windows Audio Session| |[Echo] callbackWaits2 wait exceeded 5 secs 258 - Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

He was using a builtin microphone which is not problem on any other voice platform.
Here are full logs: File on MEGA

Can someone give me a hint what might be wrong and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

it seems it was problem with noise reduction. after disabling it client was stable for hour and half.

I will try to make it work with at least some noise reduction, will post results.

Its a known issue, which affects the 3.5.2 client

and is there any guide how to effectively mitigate the crashes?

sadly, currently there is no :frowning:

Please fix this!
It’s happening to me too. Client randomly freezes while minimized, can’t open it. Users in the server see I lost connection to the server but I get no information at all, it just stops working and I stop hearing everyone. I need to force close the client, reopen it and reconnect to the server.

2020-05-11 18:33:26.023292|ERROR |Windows Audio Session| |[Capture] CaptureDeviceContext callbackWaits2 wait exceeded 5 secs 258 - FrontMic (Realtek High Definition Audio)
2020-05-11 18:33:26.024292|ERROR |Windows Audio Session| |[Echo] callbackWaits2 wait exceeded 5 secs 258 - Altifalantes (Realtek High Definition Audio)

Log has this two lines each 5 seconds since it starts freezing until I force close the client. First one is my mic, second one my sound output.

I hope it gets fixed in the next version, thanks.

best I was able to find was to completely disable all echo/noise reductions and stuff. after that, client was stable for hours (first crash about 6 hours in, which is not terrible).

I have a suspicion that it is somehow connected to managing these functions on the clients system, possibly regarding CPU. But I did not have an opportunity to properly test it, I have limited amount of test scenarios.

Certainly, let’s hope for fix in next version.

just try the 3.5.3 beta - I’m using it for few days already without problems, but I have just the default setup.

In my case is not as bad, it’s only crashing on some days, like twice a week.
It happened to some of my friends too so I don’t think it is something plugin related since some of them don’t have any.
It might be something about sound processing on the CPU like you said. It can be related to that background noise option since is something new.

Thanks for the tip on the 3.5.3 beta, I’ll give it a try

3.5.3 stable is out!
It has “Fixed a client freeze” in the changelog, so I think it refers to this problem

i think ready to close this thread