TS3 3.5.6 Windows 64bit missing QT plugin crash

Heya, after installing v3.5.6 (or any other really) for Windows 64-Bit the client crashes on startup with the below message. Ran a clean system start and repaired all dependencies I could think of to no avail.


Make sure you download the installer from TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak

Wild guess because no information was given about your system:
Then update your drivers (especially your graphics card) and operation system Windows (8.1,10 or 11).

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My bad, forgot about that; Windows 10, GTX 1070 which I’ve now updated drivers for (GeForce 526.47), did not appear to change anything. I do have some QT env variables set for Python dependencies, but my understanding was that it comes bundled so not sure if that’d affect anything. The TS5 beta does run.

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