TS3 Client Completely Reset

A while back I had changed my password for MyTeamSpeak and didn’t have any issues. Yesterday, MyTeamSpeak was logged out in my client and when I relogged, my Badges were completely gone (like, out of my client but appear on my Dashboard) and all of my Synchronized Bookmarks are gone as well. I didn’t change anything yesterday before this happened.

Not sure what I can do to fix this. I uninstalled and reinstalled and relogged and still no luck.

Currently using TeamSpeak 3 version 3.5.2

Have you a Recovery Key?
The Recovery key is the main element to get your data back from your account.

I was under the impression that the Recovery Key was there to be used to recover your account, not just the data. I’m logged in on the TeamSpeak app to the correct account. I’ll give it a try, though.

There is no way to get your data back after you did not save the recovery key on account creation (first login with a client) and changed the password afterwards.

What you could try is to run the pc client again (or any other device) in case it still has your data .
But run the client will you are not connected to the internet.
Now drag & drop all your favorites, identities etc. to the local area (can also be done via right-click on items).
Now connect to the internet again and login with your new password.
Now you can put them back into synchronized area.
This time make sure you have stored your recovery key! You can generate a new one under settings - options - myTeamSpeak.

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So if the Recovery Key is what is used to sync the data (which btw, the recovery key was never changed and was the same in the system before I had lost the data, so not sure how that comes into play), what is the point of the Synchronization? Wouldn’t syncing to your MyTS account be how the data is pulled to your client?