Ts3 client crash v3.5.7

My teamspeak3 client crashed and the source is inside the UI core so it is not fixible in any plugin sourcecode. Stack trace tells the same.

Teamspeak3 v3.5.7 64bit
Qt Version 5.12.3



please try start parameter -safemode . This will disable plugins and the client may be usable again. Now you can remove 3rd party plugins and maybe the client won’t crash when you remove the parameter again. I see in your Client Log that you have some plugins, please try parameter. :slight_smile:

On Windows make a right-click on the shortcut you usually would use to start the client and then select properties. Then add the parameter as shown.

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I think you misunterstood me. My client is still useable i reported a crash inside ts3 core. I don´t need to remove/disable any plugins. It´s a runtime crash which occurs from time to time. But thank you.

Will the dump be checked? As said before it´s a ts3 ui crash. Plugin authors can´t fix this.

Hey @t4styy,
Sorry for the late replay.
I looked at the TeamSpeak Log again and i found this:

2021-08-06 18:40:26.880434|ERROR |Decode | |Stale Decoder detected, terminating it. Was ever active = 1

Stale decoder means, there is a problem between your sound devices and in most cases it happens with usb devices. Please try another playback and capture mode.

If this will not help, try these Steps:

  • update your drivers
  • switch capture/playback mode to default/specific device

Sorry, that i cant say more, about your problem here.