TS3 client crashes on macOS at launch

Hey folks,

I’m experiencing some trouble with the latest beta update of TS, v3.6.0. After updating, the app crashes immediately upon launch. I’ve tried a clean install, but unfortunately, that didn’t work either. It’s strange because my friend has the exact same MacBook as me and is not experiencing any issues with TS v3.6.0.
Whenever I try to launch the app, it rarely opens at all, and when it does, it crashes as soon as I try to do anything.

Answering here > TS5 crashes on launch [macOS]

This is just a double report but i think same issue.

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i posted another one because another post of mine got flagged as offtopic so i thought i’d keep the TS3 one separated

It was it does crash on connect thread.

Yours can not even start.

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