TS3 Client Random Crash


I want to talk with friends on ts3, but after 10 minutes we talked my client crashes randomly and i don’t have any clues why it crashed.

With so few details, no one can explain it to you. The client logs would also be helpful.

Where can i find them?

Old logs can be found in

  • %AppData% -> Roaming -> TS3Client -> logs
    (That might be, what you need)

Current log can be found with

  • Ctrl + L
  • Tools -> Client Log

One more thing: Was it a one-time crash or do these occur more often?

I found it, what exactly do i need to search in the logs?
It happens multiple times.

If you post the craahdump, there is a Client Log included.

On Windows you will find the crash report under following path on your hard drive


Please upload the crashdump somewhere and post into this Thread.

Have you any plugins installed that could trigger a Crash? :slight_smile:

I hope this is what you meant with “upload”.
I installed it 3-5 days ago so nope.