Ts3 client run on linux command line

how to launch teamspeak 3 client on linux command line ? need for make a music bot.

That’s not supported.
We require that you run the client on an environment where a graphical interface is available.

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Isn’t there any way

Sure by using an environment where a graphical interface is available.
This is the way we support it.

Please do not ask if there is a way when we say that this is not supported.

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but i need run on command line for music bot

ok, so you want to run sinus bot on command line and not the ts3 client?

if I understand correctly .

No, I’m making a sinusbot alternative. For this I need to run it on the command line.

you should install a unix with graphical interface. Then you can install the Teamspeak Client and via terminal the bot. You need the Teamspeak Client for sending sound and therefor you need a unix with a graphical interface - otherwise it will not work.

I hope you understand now how it will work.

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