TS3 connection issue

I have been offline for the past 10 months due to back injury. Now that Im back I cant seem to make a good connection with TS servers, I keep having some packet loss and my connection is always 70ish% or worse. I never had any issues with TS before and my internet is even faster and more reliable now. I have tried to reinstall and uninstalled addons and what not. Any ideas?

There’s a big possibility that Windows Firewall is stopping you from enjoying your TeamSpeak voice chat. Do you have any kind of DDoS protection / mitigation? Can it be, that somebody attacks your client? Do you have any internet service provider issues in your area? Sometimes a simple restart of the router should do the trick. Other times, you need to contact your internet provider to see whether they can help you.

I have tried router restart already, I tried different networks (hotspots from different phones) and all give same results, I have no issues using discord but I need TS to work…
EDIT: Also tried using my laptop, same issue.