[TS3] Disable File Transfer Function

Hello, I wish to disable the File Upload/Download functionality (File Transfer Functionality) of TeamSpeak. Since, I want to use TeamSpeak only for the Voice/Chat activity. I don’t want to use it as CloudStorage or P2P Transfers.

I want to disable it for everyone which includes Moderators, Guests, Normal Users and Aliens!

How can I do so effectively?


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Go into Server group permissions and then disable all File Transfer right.

And don’t forget to add the SKIP flag for each permission.
Otherwise channel groups might overwrite your server group permissions.

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Why is that so?

I read somewhere that, Server > Channel in terms of permissions.

Also, What if I simply don’t open the port for file transfer?

Not the cleanest solution but it will prevent everyone from uploading any files.
They will receive a File transfer failed error though.

That’s not exactly true.

The way a client receives his permissions is determined through a 5 layer system. Each layer can overwrite permissions
from the previous layer. If a permission is not granted on any of these 5 layers, it will be assumed to be of zero or false
value. These are the 5 Layers:

Tier 1: Server Groups
Tier 2: Client Specific Permissions
Tier 3: Channel Specific Permissions
Tier 4: Channel Groups
Tier 5: Channel and Client Specific Permissions


You are in the “Guest” server group (Tier 1) which has the permission b_channel_modify_name set to false. But you are also
a “Channel Admin” (Tier 4) and a channel admin has b_channel_modify_name set to true. Since the channel group is in a higher
tier than the server group, in the end you can modify your channels name (but not that of other channels where you are not
channel admin).

That’s also a good example for the mentioned case.
(to setup your permissions)

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