TS3 error 0xc000007b

After Windows update when I try to launch Teamspeak3, I see error 0xc000007b.
I tried all ways to solve this problem but nothing helps.
Before this update TS3 launch without problem.
Please help me.

Have a look at this

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Solution 1
In most cases it’s .NET framework causing issues. This can easily fixed by re-installing latest .NET framework from Here

Solution 2
Re-install the application that you are trying to run. It sounds simple but the application data files could be corrupt or missing. This could be caused by a installation that did not complete successfully.

Solution 3
Re-install Microsoft Visual C++ from [x32 link] or x64

Solution 4
Run Windows Update as it can provide application fixes and updates. Furthermore, it installs missing drivers and updates.

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I tried this

Hmm, my guess would have been Step 3 Rikku posted - uninstall + reinstall your VS redistributable, it’s not unheard of for windows update to break them


Thanks. I uninstall all C++ package,reinstall and now run without problems

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Nice to hear glad that is now fixed.
Welcome to TeamSpeak. :slight_smile:

Have a look at
I Cannot Get TS3 To Start (0xc000007b) - TeamSpeak

Funny how I found solution to my error in the topic to the another one=)
thanks for the info bro!

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