TS3 FPS While Gaming

Has anyone had issues with TeamSpeak dropping FPS? I will be playing EFT just fine, even with discord running (load at ~23%). The second I run TeamSpeak while playing a game the FPS drastically drops and the load skyrockets to 96-100%, making the game unplayable due to the video lag. I found some forums saying to turn off the news ticker and for other settings to be adjusted but I haven’t had any luck with the FPS returning to normal. I have 16GB RAM and 6GB VRAM so it shouldn’t be hardware…

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you.

is your graphics card driver up to date?

Just test something for me please.

  1. Close TeamSpeak
  2. Run your game
  3. Minimize your game and watch it’s needed resources
  4. Start TeamSpeak while your game is minimized

Does the issue appear again while the game is still minimized?
Does the issue appear again if you’re back in fullscreen in your game?

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I have tried opening either or first and it didn’t make a difference. I have had some luck with another method. I went to the task manager and turned the TeamSpeak priority to low and changed my game priority to high. The CPU load dropped back to nomal. The lagging went away for the most part, but here and there I get the occasional screen jerk.

Well changing the app priority would have been my next idea, too.
I hoped it wouldn’t make a difference.

Unfortunately there’s nothing more I could help you with.

I can only guess it’s a system related issue not an issue of TeamSpeak.

Something you can do to figure out what needs so many resources is to open your Windows resource monitor.
Select the checkbox of your running TeamSpeak client and take a look into the CPU usage.

It will list all handles and modules TeamSpeak uses and how many resources anything needs.

You could post some screenshots in here if it uses all your system resources again.

For example:
(random screenshot by Google)

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Yes, all is up to date. Since I have changed the app priority it has been working for me well. I have been running 60 FPS and seems to have been a good fix. Thank you everyone for the support.

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