TS3 lags, but all other apps don't

Hi hi,

I just started using TS after years of not using it. I have this strange thing that I can’t diagnose where if >5 people join their voices start going robotic and my ping on TS jumps to 1000m/s. Things to note:

  • This doesn’t happen to the other people in the channel.
  • Discord works 100% with no lag (even if 50 people join a channel).
  • No other app lags, my ping remains low and stable.
  • I’ve connected to discord and TS at the same time to test and my Discord ping stays at 10 m\s when my TS ping jumps to 1000m\s.
  • I have a 100\50 Mb\s fibre line, that’s pretty solid so it’s not my internet.

Any idea what the cause can be?


Found the solution, it doesn’t connect fully to an unspecified protocol. Running as admin fixed it.