TS3 - Linux Fedora Workstation - Nobara - PTT Functions dont work unless TS3 Window is selected

Hey one and all,

As titled really, I’m running Nobara 36, Kernel 5.19.9-201
My basic diagnosis ability has led me down the following logic path, TS3 Picks up voice activation pretty much everywhere, PTT is my preference and it only accepts the key inputs or mouse inputs when the Ts3 Window is currently selected.

This obviously is a known thing in windows and beyond as an access issue and is often resolved with administration priviliges, running TS3 via a terminal thats using the SUDO command renders the same situation, I have been scouring the internet for launch peramiters to add to the desktop launch icon for TS3 but ive come up with zero results in the last 3 days. This post is my last port of call to get a resoloution to the issue and now clearly expand my knowledge further.

thanks again for any insight/help/advice.


Ok After some epic support from the GE/Nobara Community via Discord the situation is resolved and explained.

The issue is with Wayland environment VS the X11 Environment.
Wayland global is quite messy with how it handles its shortcuts and can be very complex, the solution was to log out and change the environment in the log in menu to X11 and it was instantly resolved.

Obviously im leaving this here for possible future folk to trip up on and help them with any possible situations.
Hail fellow future linux user!


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