Ts3 Live Banner [PHP] ERROR CODE: 0


I made a live banner with PHP, but after a certain time the page says “connection to server ‘ts3.mrgamingtr.com’ lost” I get an error

Hello, try entering your IP address [] in query_ip_allowlist.txt on your server.

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hello, where is query_ip_allowlist.txt file?

on your server (VPS) or other in the teamspeak3-server folder



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 [04-Jul-2021 12:22:08 Europe/Istanbul] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TeamSpeak3_Transport_Exception: connection to server 'ts3.mrgamingtr.com:1301' lost in //beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Transport/TCP.php:161
        Stack trace:
        #0 //beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Adapter/ServerQuery.php(73): TeamSpeak3_Transport_TCP->readLine()
        #1 /beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Adapter/Abstract.php(57): TeamSpeak3_Adapter_ServerQuery->syn()
        #2 //beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/libraries/TeamSpeak3/TeamSpeak3.php(345): TeamSpeak3_Adapter_Abstract->__construct(Array)
        #3 /beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/index.php(7): TeamSpeak3::factory(Object(TeamSpeak3_Helper_Uri))
        #4 {main}
          thrown in /beta.mrgamingtr.com/Ts3LiveBanner/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Transport/TCP.php on line 161

I noticed that there are these in the logs records

I couldn’t find the file you mentioned, but there is a whitelist, could it be?

Hello, thank you for modifying the query_ip_whitelist.txt file, I also advise you to update your server to version 3.13.6

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