Ts3 maximizing

Hey guys,

Since I have recently changed from a Win 7 to a Win 10 PC i have a huge issue with the new version when I get poked, teamspeak forces itself on top of my screen, no matter what I’m doing. And I can’t disable it at all, at least I couldn’t find anything in the settings.
In the previous version on Win 7, I would hear the “hey, wake up” and had that little pop up showing the message in the bottom right screen of my corner. It was nice, I could see who is poking me and why instantly, without tabbing out of games or whatever else I was doing.
Now, I already found a thread showing how to completely disable notifications from pokes (apart from the sound), but I really want that little message down there. Also, I have my task bar set to show all icons at all times, and in order to follow that fix I’d have to change that, which I also don’t want. I hate having to click that arrow in order to see my running programs, it’s just useless.

Is there ANY way to just disable the annoyance of ts3 maximizing?

Hello there! :slight_smile:

You can turn off TeamSpeak showing you the poking dialog in the settings right here:

If that doesn’t solve your problem this might help you further: Make it easier to focus on tasks - Microsoft Support