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I’m wondering why there’s no “continuous voice transmission” option in the mobile version of TeamSpeak. The PC version has this feature and I’d like to use it on my phone as well. Or maybe something like “toggle mic” instead of PTT. I tried setting sensitivity to the lowest level without PTT and no AGC with the hope that background noise will trigger transmission continuously. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

Is there any way how to achieve this? Thanks.

There is, options - voice settings. You can change it the exact same as the PC version. Ensure you have the post up to date client also via the App Store for IOS or any other store.

Well, maybe I’m blind but I can’t see such option. I have the latest version 3.3.5 from 16-Apr-2020 on Android from Google Play store. Here are screenshots of my settings:

So, now I’m a little bit confused.

! image|231x500

So mine is IOS. I go into the server, Settings - voice mode - the gives me the option. Voice actived or PTT.

I’ve just noticed on your screenshot your voice activation level isn’t activated.

There neither is such thing as Continuous Transmission in Android, nor activating Voice Activation Level. The best thing would be to change VAL to maximum and hope it will do what you want.

And if that’s not working, well, you can’t do anything with this.

Wonder what “Voice activation level” on Adnroid or the “big Slider when you click on the Microphone” on IOS means then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The android client does not offer and will not offer continuous transmission and it doesn’t really makes sense on mobile devices. Maybe it will be added to next version (not update), but that needs to be decided.

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Hah, from what @hammo12 said, I thought by

he meant some option to click to activate this. I know there is a slider, cause I sometimes use Android TS3 Client.

I meant that there isn’t such thing as activating it, cause you can’t completely turn off VAL, you can only decrease it to -50dB. Sorry if I’ve got it so messed up :smiley:

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