TS3 Mobile Icons

Why aren’t icons appearing on the mobile client?

I have the same Problem

@binpower93 @TS.ChrisR This is a Bug?

I have exactly the same problem! And I have to confess, is really annoying! :confused:


gotta be a bug, same thing happening for me

Thanks for this, can you provide more details so we can look into this:
Operating System version
App Version
Were you using Mobile (3g/4g/5g), WiFi or other

(@Shoone_4ndr01d I see that you’ve reported similar so if you provide more details as above that would be great)

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huawei p smart 2019
teamspeak 3 latest andorid version
when i log in to a server on teamspeak I dont see the icons showing its just a empty space were there should be the icon

@binpower93 can you please reply

Operating System: Android 10
Ts3 Version: Latest Version
Device: Xiaomi Mi A2
Connection: Wifi

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Android 10 (OneUI 2)
3.3.4 (happen on the last beta too since I am inside the beta program)
4G/4G+ and Wi-Fi.

Anyway, I enjoy this message to ask: Is there any planned update to add the possibility to connect to more than one TeamSpeak Server like is possible on iOS?


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Thanks guys, we’ll have a look into this.

Not on TS3

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Just to update that issue. We can reproduce it and will fix it ASAP.


Hello this is my phone version and look what i can see on ts3 android

please can u help mee ??? I really need to see the icons

well I tried so hard but no success

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