TS3 move power problem

I have a problem about i set the move powers, let’s call the two groups A and B. Group A has a move power of 5 needed move power of 10. Group be has 49 move power and 49 needed, but Group A can still move Group B even if he hasn’t got the power for it.

Can anybody help?

Have you checked if the skip is set in any server group? Another thing might be the channel group permissions.

Yes, I checked the skips, there is no skip granted on any of them, and they have guest channel roles, that has no powers!

Did you check client permissions?

Yes I did, there is no clients who has single permissions

Hopefully „no powers“ doesn’t mean, set power = 0. I don‘t think so, but I better ask.

Can you post pictures of group “A” and group “B” so we can see how you set the permissions?

No power means that I didn’t set any powers for it, so it’s not 0, it’s nothing

As soon as I get home in the afternoon I send the picture from Yatqa comparison

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