[TS3] myTeamSpeak Errors on Client?

Hi, I have a TeamSpeak 3 Server (Latest Version) and TeamSpeak3 Client (Latest Version)

I am getting these error more often today. (Screenshot Below)

What are those about and how to fix them?

Also, Where can I know the status of the myteamspeak connectivity (server status)?


Do you have any problem with the myTeamSpeak Services?

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It is sending me myteamspeak services error again and again. It was working fine for last 2-3 months and I have been using myteamspeak for like 2 years already.

I don’t know why is it sending this error today. I have tried re-starting too.

The services seem to be fine.
Can you ping/reach clientapi.myteamspeak.com or myteamspeak.com at all?

Else he would not have the Warnings


Yes, I am able to ping them for sure. I have attached the screenshot below.

But, when I directly go to the clientapi.myteamspeak.com it throws Google’s 404 Error.



Edit: Again sent me the error right after replying.

And you pinged clientapi.myteamspeak.com ?
Only see myteamspeak.com

It’s intended that you get a 404. This page only shows content for the client.


Yessir, I did ping.

ping to clientapi.myteamspeak.com

@TS.ChrisR I have renamed the thread to make it more relative.

Hi, I am still looking for the answer. Errors are still coming.

I have non that will solve the issue.
The service is working fine so far and we did not get any other report the last days.

Maybe a firewall or Antivirus is causing this or from time to time you get high ping or packet loss?
Maybe your ISP started to block some packets?


Okay, How can I check if it’s because of Antivirus or ISP?