TS3 not scaling resolution correctly on second monitor, everything looks small

It’s 2022, and I’m here hoping to see if there is any way to fix this issue.

First, the issue: Today I was using TS3 with the “Show Client Connection Info” box open on myself to keep an eye on my packet loss (as I was lagging). TS3 was open on my second monitor, a Dell 4K monitor oriented and displayed in Portrait mode. My connection issues got worse, and I decided to restart my computer while I went to mess with router in hopes of getting my connection issues resolved. When I came back to my PC to turn on all of my usual programs, I saw that my TS was no longer scaling in resolution. Everything looks tiny and borderline illegible.

Screenshot - d548ea4f147b7d056499898202b856a5 - Gyazo (This image shows my TS3 along with a File Explorer that is scaled correctly)

I’ve tried so many different “solutions” that I cannot list them all here. CTRL+Scroll is only for a certain part of TS3, overriding DPI settings on the TS3 compatibility settings kind of “fixes” the issue but everything looks blurry and awful, same goes for changing my monitor’s resolution from 4k to 1440p through Display Settings or NVIDIA control panel. This has never happened to me before, and whenever my TS3 would occasionally have this issue, dragging TS3 from one monitor to the other would fix the scaling (that or by using Windows+Shift+Right Arrow)

If I had to make a wild guess: a mixture of using TS3 on a 4K monitor + restarting my PC with TS3 open and with the connection box open on myself is what broke the scalaing, but I am unsure. The only thing I can try is to reinstall the application and to ask for help here, as I am doing now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just encountered this issue after starting to use a second screen with a different scaling setting in Windows (100% vs 200%). On moving the TS3 window between monitors, different parts of the UI would scale differently or not at all.

The following settings triaged the issue for me. However, this means the app doesn’t scale up natively, and looks a bit pixelated. I guess it would be worse and blurry on, say, 100% to 125% instead of 200%, since when doubling scaling, one pixel exactly turns into four pixels.

Right click properties on TS3 shortcut, Change high DPI settings, Override high DPI scaling behaviour, Scaling performed by “System”, or “System (Enhanced)”.