TS3 Notifier Add-On

I’m trying to enable this plugin but it shows a message about the API Version is not compatible, can I fix this or does the creator of the plugin have to?


Updating the Plugin Api version is something only the Plugin Author can do.
You could roll back to an older TS3-Client version which still supports Version 22 of the Plugin Api (I think 3.3.2 still supports it) but this could lead to Problems with other frequently updated Plugins in the future.


Um, from what I remember, no, 3.3.2 doesn’t support API v22. You need to go to even earlier version which might have problems connecting to servers, as since Server v3.11.0 I’m aware it’s mandatory to use at least Client v3.3.0.

The best thing would be to contact Plugin Author, as long as he’s willing to do so.