TS3 on MacOS 10.7

Hello! Recently i wanted join my friends to hang out on TS3 but when i try to connect to a server i get that my version is outdated, how can i use TS3 so?

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What have you for client Version?

You can try the Version 3.5.7


Unfortunately, your version of Mac OS is too old for both TS3 and TS5.

TeamSpeak 3 requires at least macOS Sierra (10.12):

And TeamSpeak 5 requires at least OS X El Capitan (10.10):

So if the server is on newest version (3.13.6) there is no way to connect to the server using Mac OS 10.7.


Thanks for you reply Dunkelmann, i don’t think i can join TS3 servers since i can’t update my system, but thanks for your reply anyway.

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