TS3 Overwolf Overlay "Show full TS"

Hello everybody,

I installed the TS3 overlay for overwolf, to use it only for the notification.
As someone wrote me a message while playing, there was the push up notification right bottomside, where u can click either “answer” or “show full TS”.
I accidently clicked on the button “show full TS” and now while starting the game everytime the Overlay closes my TS on the second screen and opens it ingame. I deinstalled everything and installed it again and it didnt work, but i also think there must be a way to control it via settings.

Thx for ur help :slight_smile:

Did you tried to disable Overwolf for the Game?

I did and it worked, but then i haven’t any notifications, i just wanted to know if anyone knows how to fix it :slight_smile: