TS3 Query Bot - check when client joins

Hey guys,

first: Im from Germany and my english is not the best!

Now my problem: How can I get a signal via PHP when a client join the server.

The clue is: I don’t have the PHP-Site 24/7 open.

The script must run in the “background”.

Like the ts-n.net ranksystem.

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Login to your server, then start the script. Either use a “while true; do ./script.php;sleep 10; done” or you have a while() inside your script.

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What are you trying to achieve? Do you want a website displaying, when a client joined?
If you want that I can recommend using Planetteamspeaks php framework for the php backend. Haven’t used it in a while but I remember it being easy to use. If you are aiming for a website using php on the server side, you don’t necessarily have it running all the time. Just subscribe to the cliententerview event in the server scope and push notifications to the website using maybe websockets. (Haven’t done anything in php for quiet a while). I hope this helps you in some way

Is the framework still being developed further actually? @ScP

you can copy some from the ts-n ranksystem, you can open the page via a screen by ssh into your server, so the website is actually always open, but you don’t need to know that and take your pc turned on 24/7.
In addition to that, to be sure it’s always online, you can add it to startup and make a crontab to check if it’s working like every 10, 30 mins or how often you want

Yes, I’m still updating the framework if something changes server-side. WebQuery is not feature complete so I did not implement support yet, but I’ll think about it in the future.


Do you think PRS-4 support could ever be included?