Ts3 Server Crash after activating licence key


After adding my license key, my server crashes after various times. Once after 5 minutes, once after 10 minutes … My server doesn’t show me any logs that could have led to a crash. My server also accepts the license key normally.
Does anyone know this problem? The license key is also registered for two virtual servers. Both servers have the same problems. One server more, the other a little less.
I hereby apologize for my poor knowledge of English.

Hello Miin0x.

Can you please post your Server log?

2021-03-18 19:14:21.602737|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.13.3 (2020-12-16 14:17:05)
2021-03-18 19:14:21.602737|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |SystemInformation: Windows Server 2016 (17763) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
2021-03-18 19:14:21.602737|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |Using hardware aes
2021-03-18 19:14:21.603732|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin name: SQLite3 plugin, Version 3, ©TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
2021-03-18 19:14:21.603732|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin version: 3.11.1
2021-03-18 19:14:21.603732|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |checking database integrity (may take a while)
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |Licensing Information
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |licensed to : -----
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |type : Activation License
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |starting date : Thu Mar 18 00:00:00 2021
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |ending date : Fri Mar 18 00:00:00 2022
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |max virtualservers: 2
2021-03-18 19:14:21.664715|INFO |Accounting | |max slots : 128
2021-03-18 19:14:22.704404|INFO | | |Puzzle precompute time: 1025
2021-03-18 19:14:22.705404|INFO |FileManager | |listening on, [::]:30033
2021-03-18 19:14:22.707386|INFO |Query | |Using a query thread pool size of 2
2021-03-18 19:14:22.767366|INFO |Query | |listening for query on, [::]:10011
2021-03-18 19:14:22.767366|INFO |Query | |listening for ssh query on, [::]:10022
2021-03-18 19:14:22.767366|INFO |Query | |listening for http query on, [::]:10080
2021-03-18 19:14:22.768365|INFO |CIDRManager | |updated query_ip_allowlist ips:, ::1/128,

No crash or anything wrong in that log?
You have a crashdump or checked windows events for error?

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Nothing at all, everything is “fine”.

So… no crashdump , nothing in the log and nothing in events from Windows.
I have doubts that there is a crash then if none of these have anything.

And it’s not like a firewall active and blocking connection?
Have no other idea at the moment.

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One question, do I have to activate the license somehow? I only know that you add them to the folder and start the Teamspeak server.

License is activated. Else you would get an error in the log and server would stop.


Server shuts down every hour.

Do you mix topics? Thread was about a crash we do have no information about it.
Now a shutdown each hour?
Please show a log of it?

Please show latest log 0 file and the last lines from target server.

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2021-03-20 10:25:33.876338|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.13.3 (2020-12-16 14:17:05)
2021-03-20 10:25:33.883348|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |SystemInformation: Windows Server 2016 (17763) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
2021-03-20 10:25:33.883348|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |Using hardware aes
2021-03-20 10:25:33.911342|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin name: SQLite3 plugin, Version 3, ©TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
2021-03-20 10:25:33.911342|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin version: 3.11.1
2021-03-20 10:25:33.912336|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |checking database integrity (may take a while)
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |Licensing Information
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |licensed to : -----
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |type : Activation License
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |starting date : Thu Mar 18 00:00:00 2021
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |ending date : Fri Mar 18 00:00:00 2022
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |max virtualservers: 2
2021-03-20 10:25:33.973295|INFO |Accounting | |max slots : 128
2021-03-20 10:25:35.029669|INFO | | |Puzzle precompute time: 1032
2021-03-20 10:25:35.034683|INFO |FileManager | |listening on, [::]:30033
2021-03-20 10:25:35.036682|INFO |Query | |Using a query thread pool size of 2
2021-03-20 10:25:35.136624|INFO |Query | |listening for query on, [::]:10011
2021-03-20 10:25:35.136624|INFO |Query | |listening for ssh query on, [::]:10022
2021-03-20 10:25:35.136624|INFO |Query | |listening for http query on, [::]:10080
2021-03-20 10:25:35.137623|INFO |CIDRManager | |updated query_ip_allowlist ips:, ::1/128,
2021-03-20 10:55:43.260361|INFO |Query | |query from 1 attempted to login with account “scanner” and failed!
2021-03-20 11:26:34.070635|ERROR |Accounting | |virtual server id 1 is running elsewhere, shutting down!

Have you copied your server from 1 location to another folder or something like that?

Yes, a friend of mine owns the same on his own root server.
could that be the problem?

This virtual server is registered as a running server. There only can be one server with this unique ID and a copy will always shutdown. This happens when you copy your server to another location and try to start it while the original virtual server is still running.

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To fix this Issue please read this Article:

Virtual Server is running elswhere shutting down

Thanks for you`re Support! Everything works fine now!

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If you have any other Questions or Problems feel free to ask us all here. :slight_smile:

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