TS3 Server migration, how to

Hi all, I have a doubt.

I have a ts3 server, paid, not hosted by me, not yet.

Well, I’d like to do it soon, so I’m going to buy a good VPS and install TS3 Server 3.13.7

As I know, there’s a query command for save and restore snapshot, but there are 2 problems:

  • I don’t have permission to create snapshot, I have access to other commands, like export in bulk channels and other stuffs, but it would be very complex and riskly to export and import stuffs one by one, what do you recommend me?
  • By the way, actual version is 3.13.6 and I’ll go to migrate to a 3.13.7, do you recommend to install same version => migrate => update, or I can just directly do it on the 3.13.7?

Hi @DamianoDM,

You can ask your hoster to create a snapshot for you or ask them to give you serverquery login if you don’t already have that information.
When you have a serverquery informations you can use program YaTQA to create a snapshot.

Regarding your question about the server version, you can make a snapshot from version 3.13.6 to 3.13.7 without any problems.


Ask the host to give you a snapshot or whole database in case your server is the only one running on it.

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Thanks for fast answers.

Yeah, I thought to try ask to the host to give me snapshot, some hosts give a web panel for that, but not this.

About the DB I think I can try also, since he’s a reseller, 95% I guess he have containers.

Btw I never made this before, usually I used to export import only channels, resetting al the rest.

Does the snapshot already include all or I need to make other steps and take other stuffs?

If I’m not wrong I think I have to backup files uploaded in channels too.

The snapshot includes channels, permissions and server settings, but yes you need to backup all files/icons on the server separately.

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What about the DB? do I need this file/files?
Or it will just auto update when I import snapshot?

If you have a snapshot from the server you don’t need the database.

But some server Hosters have been cought giving out encoded snapshots so that they can only be used on their systems so be sure to check if you have a received a valid snapshot by testing it before you cancel the server.

Ok, maybe I can test on a local instance of ts3 server on windows, and see if snapshot works.
If it’s encoded, I guess that simply it won’t be imported, right?

Yeah it would return an error