Ts3 server not working after windows update

Hey, I was running a ts3 server and few other on my secondery pc for a while, but yesterday there was an win10 update that somehow made everything not work (no one can connect to my servers).
I use Windows 10 Home - Not licensed! - Update that i intaled was KB4592438 ( I have no idea if its the name of the update or random numbers that i found).
Things I have tryed:

  • changing the local ip address of my “server”
  • recreating the port forwarding rules
  • again setting new local ip static address
  • reinstaling Windows (full reinstal - I moved the server room and permison files)
  • disabling ipv6 (my friend had this porblem with his ubuntu server)
  • restarting pc multiple times
  • restarting my router
  • restarting my switch

Every “version” of my fixes were tested by my 2 friends (not on lan) and one ts3 server status site
and If i try to run servers on other windoes pcs at home it work just fine ( i also tryed to switch local ips between my main and server pc).

I googled at least 5 hours and still no sign of fix.
So please anyone who knows his servers can help me? thx

Both were set up correctly, i just removed and readded the ts3 to firewall and it worked. Thx


can you connect to other servers?
can you connect to your server with localhost instead of ip?

yea everything is working as i told in the last reply

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