Ts3 server setting icon or avatar is crashing my server

Hey, so basically I’ve created a new server (ver. 3.10.2) on Linux and It works properly, but when anyone tries to set an icon for a newly assigned group, virtual server or avatar the server crashes almost instantly. I’ve also searched for a solution on this forum but the thread is most likely delete, and the logs are clear too, all I have is a ts3 message: “Transfer Raports “avatar”: (Could not open file transfer connection)”. Does anyone encountered a problem like this before and could share the solution?

Try a update of your Server to the latest Version 3.12.1 and make sure that the file transfer port (30033 by default) is enabled.

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But the problem is that processor I have, doesn’t support SSE4(POPCNT) so if I’d update the server it would crash anyway all the time, the port works too.