TS3 server shuts down with license

After configuring the TS3 server in an offline win10 system, the server will crash as soon as the user connects to the server. How to troubleshoot and solve this problem? Thank you so much!

You got server log or the crashdump?

Even with lots or network errors the server doesn’t crash for me.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I’m using it on LAN. Due to some special circumstances, the server cannot connect to the Internet. I have deployed a 32-slot one before and it can run normally. Then I bought a 256 slot key. This problem occurs when the key is placed in the root directory of the server. I’m not at home now. I’ll take a look at the server logs when I get home.

As long you did not buy an offline license the server must be able to reach our accounting server (accounting.teamspeak.com). Else the server will deny to run with it.

That’s an intended shutdown then.


That is to say, the key I purchased can only be used when there is Internet? Otherwise, if you use the key without the Internet, the server will automatically shut down because it cannot connect to your accounting server (accounting.teamspeak.com). If I want to use it offline now, I must first purchase an offline license. If I purchase an offline license, I can use it offline normally.

When you got a license, then somehow this license must be validated by us. Else the server will not run.

If you want an offline license (where no internet is required), then you must contact and request it on [email protected]


Thank you very much for helping me solve my problem. Is the installation package of the offline server also downloaded here? (TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak)


The offline server must be build for you with special license build into it. That’s why it needs contacting our biz department.


OK, I’ll buy the offline license now. Have a nice day

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