TS3 server: Too many slots hosted, shutting down! - problem


I have to reinstall my server. And when I put my license file to the server, run server and change max slots in Virtual Server to 128 slots then my server is automatically shuting off and I have got this error in my log file: too many slots hosted, shutting down!
I have license for 128 slots. ANd when I keep default max slots to 32 it’s working fine. Previously I had a 128 set up. Could you someone help me with that?

You did not stop the old server the supported way and this is why it did not unregister the slots.

You now have to wait 2-3 hours before you can use the license as before.

Make sure you stopped all other instances where this license is in use.

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Ok thanks. But I think it works now. If not I will wait 2-3h and upload license again

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