TS3 srever for Qnap NAS

I there… i have a QNAP TS-431+ NAS with cpu ARM…
I’m wondering if is there around a version of Ts3 server available for it.
I saw it for other version… but not for the ts-431+ or same series.

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There is no server available for ARM processors right now. Don’t think that it’ll be ever available.


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Hey everyone,

while searching for the keyword “ARM” I could only find this 3 year old post, but times have changed so I want to dig it out again. Could you provide a server binary for Linux compiled for arm64 architectures?

While it is still not very common it is starting to become more available in the form of AWS’ a1 and m6 instances, which seem to provide a better cost-efficiency than normal instances. It would be cool if one could run a TeamSpeak server on these new servers.


It’s not Feb '17 but 17th of Feburary so there still is no ARM build I guess.


Oh right, this forum software is still confusing me.


I have the same issue…
After the end of exagear I don’t find a possibility to get my teamspeak server running on ARM but it’s too expensiv to host at my x86 debian server (electricity costs).
I really don’t want to switch to Mumble… :confused:

ARM covers a lot of things - what OS does the qnap run?


By default, QNAP NAS systems run QTS which to my understanding is a stripped down Linux which has been glued together with busybox and loads of insane custom scripting. It’s definitely not something the average person would want to dig into.

I would need the arm64 binary for linux (in my case debian).

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This is something i would be interested in, mainly around running this either on a Debian derivative or Alpine Linux (long term interested in running a TS server within a Docker container running within cheap ARM machines e.g. Raspberry PI)

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Qnap can run ALL OS’s.
Mine runs all OS but windows is the target.

Yes it is because it runs linux and can run ANY OS.

For anyone still looking to run teamspeak server on the arm architecture, you can do if via emulation!
i found that tutorial online, and it works like a charm: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-teamspeak/
Obviously this solution is not perfect but it works.

Edit: its about the arm architecture, not qnap in particular, i don’t know how that’s handled here but incase: docker can be used aswell