[Ts3+ Ts5 Bug] Whisper with custom volume


Hello Dear People, I have a Bug to report.
I usally use to stream some Music using a Bot on my Server. I am Using the Whisper-Tool applied by the bot. I write !sub and he starts streaming the music directly to me. After a while, the Bot refreshes the Whisper, which will result in the following two Problems:
[Ts3]: The Bot will start to stream for like a quarter of a Second at ±0dB Volume and then adjusts to the custom Client Volume I set him to.
[Ts5]: The Bot will continue to stream at ±0dB Volume until I enter the Menu for Client Volume Adjustament.
The Bar to adjust the Volume will continue to stay at my custom Volume (~ -20dB), but still streams at ±0dB, until I click the Adjustament bar at a random Spot.

If there are any Questions, feel free to ask them. Sorry for my bad English, I am not a Native.
Good Evening,

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Thank you for the report.

We have that issue on our list where set volume on whisperer is ignored and only applied when custom volume was set while user does whisper.


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There is a bug with the whispering:

If the client has a set audio volume, it is reset to normal when whispering, but when you adjust the volume again, the sound updates to the selected volume.

Among other things, the Whispers client lamp does not light up.


This could be because of your custom theme. I know from experience how hard it is to get all icon states correct in a theme.

Ah thx, could be possible.