TS3 What if update

Hello TeamSpeak3 users,
Sorry I didn’t research the forum, did anyone else ask my question.

I haven’t upgraded my teamspeak client in years, the current version I have is 3.5.1. I wonder what will happen if I upgrade my teamspeak client to the latest version.

Will I lose all my saved servers, added friends, server tags, etc.?

Thank you for your reply!

So normally in every case no, because an update is not a reset to the latest version, but your client is updated, so it has no effect.

If you want to be sure that you don’t lose bookmarks, etc. you should synchronize them with myTeamSpeak.

I strongly recommend you to update, because this way you are up to date and possible bugs are fixed.


Is this everything I need to do to synchronize friends,servers and tags into my teamspeak account?

Make also sure, that the Identities and Bookmarks are in the synced section of both menus.

CTRL + I opens the Identities menu
CTRL + B opens the Bookmark menu

Note: Contacts are not synced with myTeamSpeak as far as I can tell.

Ahh, if I can’t save my contact friends via myTeamSpeak account I’d rather not upgrade my version of TeamSpeak3. I will wait until they introduce that I can sync my contacts too: D.
I can’t risk losing my contacts due to upgrading teamspeak3 .

You will not loose your contacts etc. as long as you don’t reinstall it or format your pc. This is only an update which does not remove anything else. We only said, that you can and should sync the stuff that you can if you need to reinstall it at some point. But if you are only updating there is no risk.

I know I’ve lost everything in the past, now as you talk to me I can’t remember if I updated ts3 or uninstalled ts3.
So you are 100% sure that if I update my ts3 to the latest version I will not lose anything?

If you update you won’t loose anything.

If you reinstall, there might some folders be deleted but not when you update.