Не удается скачать обновление ts3

Previous update session for v. 1606312422 found
Starting update process for updater
Download / check product ini
Downloading update_win64.ini.lzma2
file update_win64.ini.lzma2 timed out
file update_win64.ini.lzma2 timed out
Время на соединение истекло

Помогите решить проблему

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help me solve the problem…
file update_win64. ini. lzma2 timed out
file update_win64. ini. lzma2 timed out

Try again or download the installer TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak

does not load the site gives an error

Please tell me the Error Message.

Unable to establish a connection to the site.
Waiting time for a response from the site has been exceeded files.teamspeak-services.com.
Try the following:

Check if there is an internet connection.
Check the proxy server and firewall settings.
Perform network diagnostics

Can you download the latest Client from here

the site does not load…
you can upload the file here