TS3ANetwork::Recv failed error: 10054


I get this error in the logs and the server stops after a while.

TS3ANetwork::Recv failed error: 10054

I have a gamer license and don’t understand yet my ports are open and I can ping accounting.teamspeak.com.

My host is OVH

Do you have an idea ?

Thx you

Which server version is this happening on?

When it stops after a while and you use a license, then the server process could not reach accounting via required remote port.

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Server version: 3.13.7

I’m sure the ports are open
(It was working fine before and I just checked)

Thank you

I can confirm this happening to me on my TS3 server, too.
I have a root server and even with the firewall disabled I get this error message.

It started exactly on November 11th at 19:38 UTC and repeats 3 times every 10 minutes … nobody changed anything on my server on that date.

Both OS I have tried are:
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (fresh install)
Debian 12 Buster (<- with this it was working fine for months)

I have tried with Sever Versions 3.13.7 and 3.13.6

As I wrote before in my first reply. The server can not reach accounting2.teamspeak.com over desired port 443.

Accounting itself is working fine.