ts3client_win32.exe-Entry Point Not Found

please help when i download and installed teamspeak 3 Client i click on it and it showing a massege : ‘‘the procedure entry point execute on exit table could not be located in the dynamic link library’’
i have windows 8.1 btw

Quoting myself here:

There is no explanation for this error and so there is no aid yet.

It could be that another program does block the dll or the dll is broken.
You could try to install the client into another location (which is not C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86))

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You can also try to install the progamm by executing the setup with administrator privileges.
(right click on the setup file and Execute as Administrator)
Sometimes it is an issue with the UAC from Windows but it should work with administrator privileges.

That is also a method to bypass the UAC. :male_detective: